Cats and Boobs (18+)

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Cover of Cats and Boobs book

Nea and Sir Taavi wish you a good day

Aestas and Hera remind us how important to be yourself, no matter what.

Miss Roadrunner and Lola the bengal cat remind you that behind every gifted woman often there's rather talented cat!

Tytti and Pöllö Superstar wish you fluffy week!

Henriikka and Surku the fluffy superstar remind you - embrace yourself. You are beautiful in so many ways. Don't let anyone else define who you are than you.

Beatamarie and Tessa the redhead remind you to embrace the glorious mess that you are, always.

Emilia Sin and Jalmari the sphynx reminds you that nudity is natural, even for cats

Kristiina and Lana del Meow are sure that love is the law, love under will

Jenna and Egiptian maus Lara and Sumi remind you that a tiger doesn't loose sleep over opinion of sheep.

Inga and Martta the superstar hate when people let stereotypes define what's possible!

Hanni and Pikku Miu remind us that sometimes you have to fight for your right!

Eeva and Bollinger wish all flowers to bloom this week!

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